Here is the Facebook post archive for the year 2015

Post 22nd May, 2015 (Where is the price of oil heading?)

Post 25th May, 2015 (Life is not measured by the breaths we take)

Post 31st May, 2015 (Men and women see colour differently)

Post 4th June, 2015 (News items)

Post 6th June, 2015 (News items)

Post 7th June, 2015 (Why US producers have pumped more oil than before)

Post 13th June, 2015 (News items)

Post 20th June, 2015 (News items)

Post 23rd June, 2015 (80-20 rule or Pareto principle)

Post_27th June 2015 (Moving up the ladder)

Post  4th July 2015 (News items)

Post 11th July 2015 (Successful entrepreneurs in India)

Post 18th July 2015 (Gorky’s quote)

Post 25th July, 2015 (Habit to check email in the morning)

Post 1st August 2015 (Windmills as power generators)

Post 8th August 2015 (Definition of habit)

Post 15th August, 2015 (News items)

Post 22nd August,2015 (News items)

Post 29th August, 2015 (Professional certification for practicing geoscientists)

Post 5th September, 2015 (Why ladies wrist watches are smaller than gents wrist watches) 

Post 12th September, 2015 (Why does US export oil, when it is still a net importer)

Post 19th September, 2015 (Women have a better sense of smell than men)

Post_26th September_2015 (How smart phones have changed our lives)

Supermoon: Post 29th September, 2015 (Information)

Post_3rd October_2015 (Humans sweat in three different ways)

Post_10th October_2015 (Nobel prize winners)

Post_17th October_2015 (Staycation)

Post_24th October_2015 (News items)

Post_31th October_2015 (Hunter’s moon)

Post_7th November_2015 (Daylight saving time)

Post_14th November_2015 (Proteas, workation)

Post_21st November_2015 (Yawning is contagious)

Post_28th November2015 (Murphy’s law)

Post_5th December2015 (Personal branding)

Post_12th December_2015 (Buffet lunches)

New Year Greetings/Post_19th December2015 (Price of barrel related to price of gas at pump)

New Year Greetings/Post_26th December2015 (New Year resolutions)