Course at PetroSkills Training Center, Houston, August 2017

Course on ‘Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization (SARC)’ at PetroSkills Training Center, Houston

I have travelled to many different countries and cities for teaching my courses, but PetroSkills Training Center at Katy, Houston, Texas, stands out as the best that I have seen. It has been constructed as a professional and a dedicated training center and this becomes apparent as one steps into the premises, with a large foyer at the entrance greeting you, and housing the reception upfront. By the side of the reception is a huge split TV screen on the wall, which usually has beautiful videos showing picturesque, geological sites or peculiar animals, running in tandem the whole day long. Every time one gets there in the coffee breaks or otherwise, one pleasantly notices those beautiful images. I am reminded of some that may have been shot only by National Geographic, and I may have seen some on youtube or otherwise. The refreshment area is well-lit and spacious. The classrooms are well-equipped, with modern training amenities and furniture. One or more big white boards on the walls is something I personally appreciate in my class, as I like to draw and explain a lot as I teach. I always look forward to teaching my course at this center.

There are many hotels situated around the PetroSkills Training Center, and likewise many restaurants and eating places give one the choice of food as well. Added to this is the Katy Outlet Mall close by, which apart from providing shopping attractions, also houses a big food court.

My SARC course went off fine this time also, though it was a small group, but nevertheless enthusiastic, and ready to learn about seismic attributes that could help them do a better job with seismic interpretation.

Some pictures I clicked on the last day of my course, are appended for remembrance.