Here is the Facebook post archive for the year 2016

New Year Greetings/Post_2ndJanuary 2016 (Stein’s law)

New Year Greetings/Post_9th January_2016 (Placebo)

Post_16th January_2016 (Baking soda and baking powder)

Post_23rd January 2016 (A good plan today is betters than a perfect plan tomorrow)

Post_30th January 2016 (How many states in the US, 50 or 52)

Post_6th February 2016 (Psychosomatic)

Post_13th  February 2016 (Are black and white also colours?)

Post_20th February 2016 (Watch advertisements show time as 10:10)

Post_27th February 2016 (Rule of thirds)

Post_5th March 2016 (Siesta)

Post_12th March 2016 (What is the colour of your car?)

Post_19th March 2016 (Transition glasses)

Post_26th March 2016 (Matthew effect)

Post_2nd April 2016 (Difference between CNG and LNG)

Post_9th April 2016 (Child prodigies)

Post_15th April 2016 (Matilda effect)

Post_23rd April 2016 (Difference between provinces and states)

Post_30th April 2016 (Are UK, England and Britain the same?)

Post_7th May 2016 (Small things make a big difference)

Post_14th May 2016 (Structure of the egg)

Post_21st May 2016 (20 second rule)

Post_28th May 2016 (Are Holland and Netherlands the same?)

Post_4th June 2016 (Always strive to be better than yesterday)

Post_11th June 2016 (Self driving cars and autonomous vehicles)

Post_18th June 2016 (Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence)

Post_25th June 2016 (Variety if the spice of life)

Post_2nd July 2016 (Difference between hotels, motels, inns and resorts)

Post_9th July 2016 (Gift of the gab)

Post_16th July 2016 (3-star and 5-star hotels)

Post_23rd July 2016 (Animals raised without the use of antibiotics)

Post_31st July 2016 (Quantum computing)

Post_5th August 2016 (Smell of first rain)

Post_20th August 2016 (Plants grow faster when exposed to music)

Post_27th_August 2016 

Post_3rd_September 2016 (Different countries have different styles of electric plugs)

Post_10th_September 2016 (Difference between idioms, phrases, proverbs and quotes)

Post_17th_September 2016 (Law of diminishing returns)

Post_23rd_September 2016 (How do leaders come to be?)

Post_1st_October 2016 (Laughter is the best medicine)

Post_8th_October 2016  (Changing colour of leaves in autumn)

Post_15th_October 2016 (Why are golf balls dimpled?)

Post_22th_October 2016 (Human life is more precious than just performing work?)

Post_29th_October 2016 (Longer the yawn, bigger the brain)

Post_5th_November 2016 (If everybody is thinking alike, somebody is not thinking)

Post_12th_November 2016 (Deep sleep and why it is important)

Post_19th_November 2016 (Difference between cleverness and intelligence)

Post_26th_November 2016 (Why is ‘Black Friday’ so called?)

Post_3rd_December 2016 (Why Pluto was dropped as a planet?)

Post_10th_December 2016 (How did Switzerland become so rich?)

Post_17th_December 2016 (Different airport codes for different cities)

Post_24th_December 2016 (Which is stronger, tea or coffee?)

Post_31st_December 2016 (‘Work-not-to-lose’ or ‘pay-to-win’ philosophy)