Here is the Facebook post archive for the year 2017

Post 7th_January 2017 (Risks associated with meat consumption)

Post_14th_January 2017 (Synthetic blood)

Post_21st_January 2017 (Lab grown brains)

Post_28th_January 2017 (Soaked almonds)

Post_4th_February 2017 (Microwave ovens) 

Post_11th_February 2017 (Onions)

Post_18th_February 2017 (‘White’ and ‘Brown’ fat)

Post_17th_March_2017 (Happiness and being physically active)

Post_24th_March_2017 (Getting to work late)

Post_1st_April_2017 (Tireless work of human heart)

Post_8th_April_2017 (Impact of depleting workforce)

Post_15th_April_2017 (Perfect time to retire)

Post_22nd_April_2017 (Gradual shift to lithium battery market)

Post_28th_April_2017 (Hunger hormones can lead to sharper brains)

Post_5th_May_2017 (Gravity)

Post_12th_May_2017 ( GOCE world map of gravity)

Post_19th_May_2017 (Safety of sunscreens)

Post_3rd_June_2017 (Why US so called)


Post_17th June_2017

Post_24th June 2017 (Jupiter has 69 moons)

Post_1st_July 2017  (Treatment for radiation exposure)

Post_8th_July 2017 (Why the colour of sky is blue)

Post_15th_July 2017 (Resemblance of babies with their fathers)

Post_21st_July 2017 (Difference between ‘detachment’ and ‘indifference’)

Post_29th_July 2017 (Weight of clouds)

Post_5th_August 2017 (Space junk)

Post_19th_August 2017 (CO2 EOR in unconventional resources)

Post_26th_August 2017 (No bridges over Amazon River)

 Post_1st_September 2017 (Conference, Convention, Symposium, Workshop)

Post_9th_September 2017 (Nurturing talent)

Post_16thSeptember 2017 (Canadian pulses poised for limelight)

Post_3rd_October 2017 (Can add value, will add value)

Post_10th_October 2017 (S-wave Reflection Seismology with P-source)

Post 4th_November 2017 (Raw or cooked spinach)

Post 11th_November 2017 (Sleep patterns of some animals)

Post 2nd_December 2017 (EM waves not used for underwater communication)

Post_16th_December 2017