2017 SEG Convention, Houston

Attendance at the 2017 SEG Convention and Exposition at Houston

Since the year 2000, I have regularly attended the SEG Conventions (except 2001), and have always found it an enriching experience. SEG Conventions serve as an ideal platform to get inspired, be connected and get prepared to present, share and learn. By and large, these conventions are very well organized and so successful, and the week-long events go by fast, with workshops following the regular oral/poster sessions and exhibits on the first three days, i.e. on Thursday/Friday. This time, despite hurricane Harvey bringing floods and destruction to Houston, SEG organizers put up a good show. With the overall attendance above 7200, there were 16 parallel oral sessions going on, on the first three days. Looking for a new idea or a concept or a novel workflow serves as a quest for attending as many talks as one possibly can. Personally, I found some of the sessions to be quite informative, though I must admit my colleague Ritesh Sharma and me, had a busy schedule at the Convention this time. We had the following presentations spread over 5 days. Our presentations were well-received and so went well. We were quite satisfied with our performance.

  • Coherence attribute applications on seismic data in various guises (Speaker: Satinder)(Poster presentation in session RC P 1, Poster station 1D, Exhibit Hall C/D on 25th Sept at 3:05 pm)
  •  A novel workflow for predicting total organic carbon in a Utica play (Speaker: Ritesh)Oral presentation in session INT 1: Interpretation Workflows and Techniques in Room 340A on 25th Sept at 3:30 am
  •  Seismic reservoir characterization of Utica-Point Pleasant shale with efforts at quantitative interpretation: A case study (Speaker: Satinder).                                                      Oral presentation in session SGS 1: US/Canada in Room 351F on 26th Sept 2017 at 11:00 am 
  • Integration of geomechanical and mineralogical data for fracability evaluation in Utica Shale play (Speaker: Ritesh)                                                                                                         Oral presentation in session RC 5: Unconventional Plays in Room 330A on 26th Sept at 3:55 pm
  • An innovative way of computing reliable density from impedance inversion methods (Speaker: Ritesh)                                                                                                                                        Poster presentation in session INT P2: Interpretation Methods, Poster Station 9B, Exhibit Hall C/D, on Sept 27th at 9:45 am
  •  Target-oriented parameters for curvature of the Fahler F tight sandstone of Alberta, Canada (Speaker Bahaa Bashry, from Jupiter Resources Inc.)                                                    Oral presentation in session INT 6: Attributes, in Room 340A on Sept 27th at 3:55 am
  • Shallow high-amplitude seismic anomalies characterization in the Hoop Fault Complex, Barents Sea (Speaker: Satinder)                                                                                              Oral presentation in session INT 9: Case Studies in Room 350D on 28th Sept 2017 at 9:45 am
  • Sweet spot identification in the Utica-Point Pleasant shale by following innovative and integrated workflows (Speaker: Satinder)                                                                                         Oral presentation in workshop on Role of geophysics in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources – Part 2, on Sept 29th, between 8:30 am to 12 noon.

The preparation for these presentations as well as with the co-chairing of a session on Wednesday morning, left little time for me to attend other talks, but whatever talks I could attend were good and we came back after learning something. Besides, I was able to meet many of our industry colleagues whom perhaps I had met only at the last SEG Convention at Dallas. But the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas with some of them was beneficial.

The interesting experience I had at the workshop I attended on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning has been posted separately on this blog under ‘Can add value, will add value’, and you might find that interesting too. Hereunder, I append some pictures that I collected during the Convention. These will serve as a good remembrance for the future.

Looking forward to attending the 2018 SEG Convention at Anaheim, California.