Why this blog?

Why this blog…?

A blog is a good platform for communication, where one has a perfect environment for an interactive discussion. Besides having an online presence, the intention behind starting this blog is to share ideas and information with my friends and contacts. In fact, I would like to see it become a hub, where geophysicists flock to, looking for information on some of the current and other resonating technical topics. The hope is that the ensuing interactive comments and discussion will provide insightful and unique perspectives and answers.

Usually, it is seen that once a blog is started with a lot of fanfare, the initial enthusiasm wanes and the number of visitors or the hits to the blog gradually decline for lack of content, or the quality of the material that is shared. My objective here would be to create content that stirs up conversation, to provide latest information, and also help people unlock doubts regarding some of the common problems. With time, as the technical content on the blog increases, I would earnestly like to see it grow in size like a snowball rolling down a hill.



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