Interviews – 2

Interviews with professional geophysicists

In my role as editor of the CSEG RECORDER, I had the opportunity of interviewing many geophysicists/geoscientists from Canada and other visiting geophysicists to Calgary. These experiences have been very informative and exciting and I recommend that the viewers should look through these interviews.

The list of interviews had become too long on the previous page and so have started a fresh page here.


162. Alex Cullum  alex_cullum

163. Derik Kleibacker  2015-09-derik_kleibacker

164. Marian Hanna  2015-09-marian_hanna

165. David Dolberg  2015-10-david_dolberg_photo01

166. Marilyn Mawdsley  2015-11-marilyn_mawdsley

167. Marie Hong 2015-12-marie_hong

168. Dimitri Bevc  2015-12-dimitri_bevc

169. Art McDonald 2016-03-arthur_mcdonald

170. Easton Wren 2016-04-easton_wren_photo01

171. Matt Golombek  2016-05-matt_golombek

172. Peter Tertzakian 2016-05-peter_tertzakian

173. Presidents of Professional Societies: Part-1 interview_with_presidents_prof_soc

174. Presidents of Professional Societies: Part-2

175. Amy Fox


176. Paul Hatchell

177. Jonathan Matthews

178. Eric von Lunen

179. Laurie Bellman

180. John Nieto 

181. Douglas Clark