Course at YPF, June 2016

Course conducted at YPF, Buenos Aires during the week of June 6th to 10th, 2016

I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina last week to teach a 5-day course on ‘Advances in 3D seismic interpretation’ to YPF geoscientists. YPF is the national oil company of Argentina. It was a pleasure conducting the course, as I found the participants very eager to learn and think about the possible applications of some of the techniques in the projects they were working on.

On the 4th of June, 2016, as I was preparing to go to the airport to take my flight from Calgary to Houston, I was informed that the weather in Houston was for rough with forecast for thunderstorms and water flood warnings. I did not want to get delayed and miss my next flight from Houston to Buenos Aires. So I prayed hard that it goes through smoothly. And it did. Appended below is a picture that I clicked in the plane as we were landing in Houston. It shows the water-logged areas around the airport, but the plane landed without any problem.


The overnight flight from Houston to Buenos Aires was long (10 hours), but it was a smooth flight in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The next morning at Buenos Aires was nice and sunny with patchy clouds. Below are some pictures that I clicked in the taxi from the airport on my way to the hotel. Argentina is going through their autumn season these days, which I found very pleasant, though somewhat cold for the local residents.


The venue for the course was the YPF tower, and so I was put up in Hotel Hilton just across the street. The tower behind the red light in the picture below is the majestic YPF tower, which stands tall at 36 floors (at 160m). It is a very modern construction. The structure has a characteristic prismatic front shape, and is seen from a distance from all angles in the area.


I clicked a number of pictures from the 17th and the 27th floors, where I was located during the week. It is situated by the side of a river, which opens out in the sea. There is an oil-refinery that one can see in the distance, and tankers are also seen as they come for unloading oil. Below are a few pictures showing all this. A beer factory is also located close to the refinery. An interesting thing I noticed during one of the short course breaks was the smoke that started coming out of the beer factory was quickly contained within 5 minutes.



The scenery around the tower is beautiful.

Argentinians are warm, fun-loving people, very humble and respectful. I loved my trip and will cherish these memories, which I share with you. This was my third trip there in as many years.


I look forward to my next trip there soon.